Heart of Greed – 溏心風暴(2007) [40 Full Episodes]

Heart of Greed - 溏心風暴(2007)

Title: 溏心風暴
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Tong Sam Fung Bo/Tang Xin Feng Bao
English title: Heart of Greed
Genre: Business, Family
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2007-Apr-09 to 2007-Jun-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30-22:30
Opening theme song: Can’t Say Anything (講不出聲) by Susanna Kwan
Insert song: Decline (心領) by Raymond Lam and Linda Chung
Related TV series: Moonlight Resonance
Cast: Moses Chan 陳豪, Ha Yu 夏雨, Louise Lee 李司棋, Susanna Kwan 關菊英, Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣, Raymond Lam 林峰, Bosco Wong 黃宗澤, Tavia Yeung 楊怡, Yoyo Mung 蒙嘉慧, Michelle Yim 米雪

It is a story of a renowned sea-products retailer and a big traditional family, in which there are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get..
When hatred is stirred up among the family..the family breaks down..
Family unity has always been a big concern for multi-millionaire Tong Yan-Gai (Ha Yu), his official wife Ling Hau (Lee See Kei) and their adopted son Tong Chi-on (Moses Chan). Gai’s mistress Wong Sau-Kam (Susanna Kwan), on the other hand, is a calculating woman who always wants to secure herself a recognized status. Hau’s sister Ling Lei (Michelle Yim) helps run Gai’s business and has been keeping a big secret for her brother-in-law. Once the secret is out, the Tong family starts to fall apart..
Love and Romance, Gai’s son Chi-yat /Gilbert (Bosco Wong) would like to tie the knot with Cheuk Man-Lai /Jackie (Tavia Yeung) who is already married. Lai is also the main cause of dispute between Yat and On. On gets to know a pair of friends Sheung Zoi-Sum (Linda Chung) and Shui Ming-ha (Yoyo Mung). He falls in love with Sum but Sum is attracted to a young passionate solicitor Ching Leung/ Alfred (Raymond Lam). In the meantime, the born romantic Ha chooses to be a runaway bride just prior to her marriage…

草根富豪富而不驕上環文咸西街“唐記海味鋪”在業界享負盛名,由一間小小老舖,發展成坐擁六億資產及物業之​​海味生意。坐擁數億身家的唐仁佳及正室凌巧,一家九口,為名副其實之草根富戶,故唐家並無豪門的冷漠疏離,反之一家和諧融洽。而主力維繫家庭溫馨的,正是唐家兩父子- 人稱“大鮑細鮑”的唐仁佳及唐至安。三十年前,佳把安拾回來收養,安生性豁達,從未為養子身份自卑,反之全心全意幫忙打理海味鋪生意,亦把唐家上下當作自己親家人,對唐家事無大小盡心盡力,對自己的身世有著感恩的心。佳亦一直視安如己出,父子二人感情深厚。安“遺傳”了佳的個性,兩父子目標一致:努力令唐家齊齊整整,落力以歡樂感染全家。 。 。

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